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【誕生日】 1979年10月26日
【血液型】 A型
【仕事】 AV女優
【趣味】 映画鑑賞
【出身地】 千葉県

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얼마전 일본 성인 배우들이 한국의 성인 시장이 열린다니까 몇몇 명이 들어 왔었는데 그중 선봉에 섰던 사람이 바로 나가세 아이.
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Nagase Ai Interview

Translated by Ex-S Woo

Over the last three years, Nagase Ai has continually worked hard to become one of the most popular AV actresses. She is not your typical actress. Unlike many of the other actresses, she began her career doing indies videos. She is truly a unique person in a business filled with many aspiring "actresses" and wannabe's. This interview details her debut, sex history, but most importantly, it attempts to reveal the full personality and character of Nagase Ai.

Nagase Ai as a Person / In Private

Interviewer:How do you see yourself as a person?

Ai: You mean my personality? Well, one thing I noticed recently is that I'm sometimes, sorta cold to people... or should I say that I hurt people by what I tell them. That and... I'm really unconfident of what I can do. That and I misread things easily. Very easily.

Interviewer:What do you worry about?

Ai: Really silly things. For example, if I was a bit off at work, or if I wasn't feeling well I'd be like "Man, I shouldn't have done that back then" or "I should've done this!". I regret things easily.

Interviewer:So, do you think you've matured from when you were younger? Gotten a bit stronger?

Ai: Well... I might... have... maybe. Maybe I've gotten weaker instead. If I was really strong, if someone asked me in an interview if the work was hard I'd be able to answer "It's not hard at all. It's all fun and I've never felt down." Yet there are times when it is hard for me, when I don't want to do it, and I say it as such. I don't like to show my weak side...

Interviewer:As a professional?

Ai: In a lot of ways. Even in my private life. I don't like to be weak in front of the person I love or my friends. It feels embarrassing for some reason. So... I try to be forceful. Hmm... but I think I've been getting the opposite result recently.

Interviewer:So you don't like the way you are or do you accept it?

Ai: I accept it. I make sure I take a break every now and then if I feel that I've been pushing myself too hard and stuff like that. Of course, there are times when I don't feel like doing anything at all. It didn't happen often with me but recently I've been feeling like that more often.

Interviewer:How do you spend your days off then?

Ai: Well, I try to make the most out of them. I went to Saipan recently, in fact. It's been three years.


Ai: No, with my younger sister and some friends. I love to go on trips but I've been trying to hold that desire down.


Ai: I end up spending a lot of money whenever I go overseas. I'm the type that likes to spend money so I'd take a cab to go somewhere even if it's like right next door. I'm not the type to save money.

Interviewer:Most actresses are like that at their peak.

Ai: Really (laughs). I end up spending money on other people when I'm not spending on myself so I have no money left over. So I try to curb my desires when I can...

Interviewer:I've talked to a lot of veterans recently and some were boasting to me of how they were taking the train to get around (laughs).

Interviewer:You're twenty two, right?

Ai: Yep. Twenty two.

Interviewer:What are your hobbies? Same as any other twenty two year old?

Ai: Hobbies... hmm, what would they be. I guess it'd be window shopping.

Interviewer:You don't buy those bags? Those really expensive ones.

Ai: No, not really. I do have a Viton(?) that I got from my old boyfriend last Christmas. I bought one myself two years ago... I do buy a lot of accessories for myself whenever my birthday rolls around though. I don't buy anything expensive at other times though.

Interviewer:So you are a bit greedy.

Ai: I am, but I keep myself in check. You know, a necklace and a small ring could cost well over 100,000 yen. I wanted a set two years now but I still managed to hold on.

Interviewer:Pretty stoic of you.

Ai: Yep, yep, yep. Of course, I do spend tons when I go on a trip. Oh and when my sister told me she wanted a car. So I ended up spending my money then.

Interviewer:Wait. Your sister wants a car and you just buy one for her?

Ai: Uh-huh.

Interviewer:Then that necklace is a bargain compared to that.

Ai: (laughs) But it's nice to have a car around whenever you go out on trips. I want to drive around, but I got into one accident already so my license hasn't seen much action.

Interviewer:What about things besides shopping?

Ai: I go to karaoke with my friends, or the billiards, the movies... that's about it.

Interviewer:So you're just like any other girl.

Ai: Very normal. I don't get many breaks so free time... free time... I wonder how much of it I have. I'm not sure anymore.

Interviewer:How many days do you get off in a month?

Ai: Oh, I do get a lot. But I usually go the hospital when I'm off. For my bones, hips, or the beauty salon.

Interviewer:That's not a hospital!

Ai: Ahahaha (laughs).

Interviewer:Is your weight easy to guess?

Ai: Yeah. I mean... it rarely changes more than 2-3 kgs.

Interviewer:Like when you're sick or caught a cold?

Ai: No, because I eat too much (laughs). I gain weight because I eat.

Interviewer:So you diet.

Ai: I don't diet. My breasts get smaller whenever I diet. I want smaller thighs but I have muscles there so it won't go away. I also wish I had less fat on my face but the face is the first place that gets fat for me. But when I lose weight it's from the breasts, then my face, then my legs. So I figure it's better that I don't diet at all (laughs).

Interviewer:How about exercise then?

Ai: I don't really exercise, but I do walk a lot whenever I go shopping. Then again, I used to be able to ride my partner for thirty minutes but now I get tired after three.

Interviewer:Seriously!? But in the videos...

Ai: I try to avoid them now. I tell the people what stances I can't do so I wouldn't have to do them. I think I really need to take good care of my body, though I do know I could do it if I got more rest. I don't want to push myself too much. I break easily if I don't take care of myself...

Interviewer:To get back to what we were talking about earlier, you said you go out with your friends, right? How long have you been friends with them?

Ai: Well... some from grade school and others from high school.

Interviewer:But you had some friends that distanced themselves from you after you started this work, right?

Ai: Well, I tended to bond with a small group of friends than hang out in large groups to begin with. There's only a handful of people that I think of as friends. There are lots that I talk with from time to time, but there's only three girls that I tell everything to.

Interviewer:How about male friends?

Ai: I got rid of them all... well, men don't look at me nicely once they find out what type of work I do. I mean, the way my female friends think of me is different from the way my male friends think of me. There's sexual attraction at work or they might have other things in mind. But that's not present with female friends.

Interviewer:Well, you never know. What if they were lesbian?

Ai: Oh come on (laughs). I doubt that would happen... yeah, I'm sure of it (laughs).

Interviewer:Are you lesbian?

Ai: No no no no.

Interviewer:How about on tape?

Ai: Yes (laughs).

Interviewer:You know, when you ask a guy if he's gay he'd usually be like "Hell no!" but if you ask a girl, a lot of them answer "Maybe a little."

Ai: Well... I don't really think it's being lesbian. It's more like they can talk about anything... or they feel at ease with each other. So I don't think it's sexual attraction at all.

Interviewer:But you can get that with male friends too, right? Feeling calm around each other.

Ai: Maybe with a boyfriend.

Interviewer:At first, you mean.

Ai: Oh, no way.

Interviewer:Why not? How long was your longest relationship?

Ai: About five years.

Interviewer:Five years!? Did it feel "magical"?

Ai: Not in the fifth year... but I did get a different feeling. More like he was my family.

Interviewer:Something like close bond?

Ai: Yeah, something like that. I mean, it's like trying to fall in love with your parents. I don't even want to hold hands.

Interviewer:Even with your female friends?

Ai: Definitely not. I mean, maybe if it was just holding hands I'll be fine. But if they close up on me like this... then no way. NO WAY. Definitely no way (laughs). Well, I guess it's fine if they're joking. I'm used to doing it with my sister, though I tend to walk a lot faster while we're doing it.

Interviewer:To where?

Ai: Eh? To our rooms, I guess. We went to the bathroom together when we went to Saipan. We can actually talk about how pubic hair (laughs). I'm a lot rougher... rough... well, more natural with my sisters than my friends.

Interviewer:You have two other sisters, right? Are you close with all of them?

Ai: Yep, we're close. Very close.

Interviewer:They know what you do, right?

Ai: They all know. They're all supportive of me.

Interviewer:How about your parents?

Ai: Well, the president of the company came to talk to them recently...

Interviewer:Have they come to an understanding?

Ai: Yeah. They're slowly coming to terms with it. They think I'm getting paid to have sex with people I don't know on film or getting money for stripping, but I'm trying to tell them that it's more than that. I'm building a career doing AVs, and it's not like AV is a small industry. I'm not really playing around, and a lot of the tapes actually do have a story so a lot of work goes into making a tape. So I don't want my parents to ignore all that.

Interviewer:Of course, there is the shock.

Ai: Yeah. They're sort of turning a blind eye to it.

Doggie Styles and Hernias

Interviewer:I'm sure both a lot of good things and bad things happened due to your career, but was there any particular things that was hard on you?

Ai: The bad part of it was... hmm... I guess it was the way my parents looked down on me and got angry at me...

Interviewer:Anything else?

Ai: Other things... let's see... it's always odd to tell people I meet that I work in the porn industry (laughs).

Interviewer:Wouldn't the men know?

Ai: Some do, but the rest don't. They're like "Really? Show me.", and then they ask for all the details. They're all like that once we meet. Some don't even believe me when I tell them I do AVs.

Interviewer:So the hardest part is getting along with other people.

Ai: Yeah.

Interviewer:I guess the hernia in your hip is the main thing physically.

Ai: That was painful too. Actually, it still is.

Interviewer:Do you need to get surgery?

Ai: Actually, I already missed the chance. I went to the hospital when the pain became unbearable and they told me that it'd progressed too far so they couldn't do a thing about it. They told me it wouldn't get any worse than it is right now and they said I should quit working if I can't walk anymore. So I have to be careful about it since it's not going to get any better. It's something that's always going to be with me for the rest of my life so I try not to think about it.

Interviewer:How about the good things then? Was there something that couldn't have happened without AVs?

Ai: The good things would be... well, meeting famous actresses for one. Like Kurumi for instance. I also met Ichigo Miruku.

Interviewer:But if you take everything into account, wouldn't last year's top actress definitely be "Nagase Ai"?

Ai: I don't think I'd be the top. I mean Kurosawa Ai's also really popular. There are lots of famous actresses and I want to try to meet them.

Interviewer:You're the most famous actress in Japan at the moment.

Ai: Really?

Interviewer:Now the one thing everything associates you with is how you often have sex with you on top. When did you first experience that?

Ai: First time? Maybe first year in high school? Either the first or second year.

Interviewer:And the first time you had sex was...

Ai: Freshman in high school.

Interviewer:And that was with you on top?

Ai: (Laughs) Of course not. It wasn't with my first boyfriend. I played around with lots of guys afterwards... and that's when I did it.

Interviewer:When happened then? Did he get angry at you for not being good at it?

Ai: No, no. I'd often play with my boyfriend and we sorta played at wrestling with each other, and I'd always mount him (laughs).

Interviewer:Mount (laughs)? No, wait a second (laugh).

Ai: (laughs) I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that (laughs).

Interviewer:You do know that mounting isn't the same as you being on top, right? (laughs).

Ai: Of course (laughs). I always liked to play on top of someone's body so when I started having sex... it was very natural for me. It was a way for me to show how much I liked my boyfriend (laughs).

Interviewer:So, does it feel better when it's the guy that's doing the moving or when you're doing?

Ai: They both feel good in different ways. The pleasure's about the same.

Interviewer:How is it different?

Ai: When it's missionary... it feels good in that it's my partner doing it for my pleasure. But when I'm on top, "I'm doing it to please my partner".

Interviewer:So it's a mental thing? How about physically?

Ai: Physically... I like it better when I'm on top.

Interviewer:(Laughs) Thank you. I knew it.

Ai: Yep, yep yep.

Interviewer:I remember everyone telling me "Nagase Ai's amazing when she's on top" a long time ago and I was really surprised by it when I saw it.

Ai: It's not amazing at all. My old boyfriend got used to it so it was normal for him, just like it's normal for me. I was surprised when people told me that it was amazing.

Interviewer:The speed and the way you grind...

Ai: Oh, you mean the variations? I think I do more variations when I do it in private though.

Interviewer:Holy shit---(laughs).

Ai: Not that I'm going to show you (laughs). I do wonder how it'll look on tape though (laughs).

Interviewer:I bet the reason you got that hernia is because you rode too many times.

Ai: I did ask the doctor if I got it because I had sex too often and he told me that they weren't related at all.

Interviewer:But the way you move passed human boundaries...

Ai: You think so? It's not much different from how I did it in high school. The video gets cut, but I usually do it anyway from 15-30 minutes. I do it longer in private (laughs).


Interviewer:Well, there are anesthesia.

Ai: Ewww, but it's pops right out of here. A second life... the thing I want to do right now is to try things out and make the most out of my time and see how much I'm capable of. I want to go to the limit. I don't want to regret anything later. I'm the type that tends to regret things so I want to push everything.

Interviewer:Finally, a word about the AV Actress Nagase Ai.

Ai: On Nagase Ai, the AV actress... hmm, I guess she's a part of me now. But there are times when I see the name on magazines and stuff that it feels like I'm reading about someone else. It's like the name is reaching out further than I am. People that I've never met come up to me and ask if I'm Nagase Ai but they don't know the real me. So I feel detached somehow. I haven't changed a bit but it feels like the name had grown up a lot. So there are times when the real me has to catch up to the name.

Interviewer:Do you want to overcome it?

Ai: Definitely.

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